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Here at STACC we love being creative so, if you can think it  -  we can make it!
No celebration is complete without a cake. To order a celebration cake from us please fill out the order form below and we will confirm the details and email an invoice over. 
All orders are non refundable and only secured once paid for.

Start by choosing your cake size, then your cake flavour, then a foundation filling (this gives your cake structure so is essential!), followed by up to 3 fillings flavours.


Then its time to decide how you'd like your cake to look.

Choose to leave it standard and we will get creative with your chosen cake flavours and make you a unique, beautiful design. Alternatively you can choose from one of our signature STACC styles for a pop of colour.


For fully bespoke creations please email and allow 2 weeks notice. 


5 inch, 3 sponges £41 6 - 8 portions

6 inch, 3 sponges £59 12 - 14 portions

7 inch, 3 sponges £71 14 - 20 portions

8 inch, 3 sponges £83 16 - 24 portions


Vanilla and tonka bean



Carrot (contains nuts)

Pistachio and almond (gf, contains nuts)

Orange and almond (gf, contains nuts)

Dulce de leche (contains nuts)

Banana (gf, contains nuts)

Coffee (using ALLPRESS espresso)


All cakes come decorated reflecting your flavour choices as standard.

eg Lemon cake with raspberry buttercream and passionfruit curd

would be decorated with raspberry buttercream piping and pools of passion fruit curd.

Additional toppings and Stacc signature styles available as extra.

All decorations are made without gluten.


Seasonal flowers +£6 (+£12 for 8")

Meringues and Fresh berries +£6 (+£12 for 8")

Chocolate decor +£6 (+£12 for 8")

Macarons +£6 (+£12 for 8")

Stacc Pressed Flower +£6 (+£12 for 8")

Stacc Watercolour +£6 (+£12 for 8")

Stacc Spirinkle +£8.85 (+£17.5 for 8")

Stacc Marie Antionette piping +£12 (+£23 for 6" / +£35 for 8")


Choose 1 foundation filling and 1 flavour filling.

Additional fillings £5 per filling

All fillings are made without gluten


Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate buttercream

Caramel chocolate buttercream

Chocolate ganache +£5

Hazelnut praline buttercream +£5

Raspberry buttercream


Lemon Curd

Dulce de leche

Raspberry compote

Passion fruit curd

Caramel cremeaux

Cream cheese white chocolate cream

Strawberry and Peach compote

Pear and Vanilla compote

Whipped white chocolate and ginger cream

Milk Chocolate and hazelnut praline spread

Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

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